Wendy has been involved in purebred dogs since 1972 starting out in Irish Setters. She came back to my true passion the Dachshund in 2000 when she bought Riverwind Hi Plains Drifter from Su Thelen. Since then she has put several titles on all of of her dogs including 4 Dual Champions and 4 of them have DCA Versatility Certificates. Wendy is a field trail and earthdog judge. 
Wendy was the past President of the Greater Portland Dachshund Club and Emerald Dog Obedience Club here in Eugene, OR. Both Brett and Wendy are members of the Dachshund Club of America.
Wendy was a Lane County Dog 4-H Super and leader for 4 years. She is one of the trainers for Oregon Urban Dogs Seminars out of Portland, OR and train dogs at the Willamalane Recreation Center. She is qualified to give Canine Good Citizen test. Her son Brett was also been very involved with the dogs. He has trained and shown in both AKC, CKC and 4-H. Earning one of the highest honors in 4-H at State level. He has been written up on the AKC website because of the work he has done with his dog Todd in the Therapy field at Nursing homes. Brett is now serving his country and has a family of his own. 

Patrice has been involved in pure bred dogs since 2003 when she purchased her first dachshund Zoe. Patrice had no idea of AKC events until she joined the Greater Portland Dachshund Club and was introduced. Patrice bought Serenity's Playboy Prince from Wendy in 2009 and her love affair with competing began. Patrice received every title on Jake herself, except for his grand championship. Patrice is a canine good citizen evaluator and is a field trail and earthdog judge. 

The different titles my dogs have are listed below:

DC: Dual
Can CH: Candian Championships
Intl CH: International Championship
FC: Field Championship braced on rabbit
CH: AKC Bench Championship
JE: Junior Earthdog
SE: Senior Earthdog
RN: Rally Novice
RA: Ralley Advance
CD: Companion Dog Obedience
TD: Tracking Dog
HH: Hunting Hound
CGC: Canine Good Citizen

So as you are looking at the dogs you can refer back to this list.

Our dogs are loyal and affectionate companions whose intellegence and obedient nature makes them a pleasurable addition to our families. The focus of our foundation dogs and our breeding program is concentrated on bettering the breed and enhancing the strengths of the Dachshund.  Our breeding program allows our dogs to succussfully compete in field events and conformation shows, but most of all and importantly, to be a member of the family and a loving companion.
Not just "Show Dogs". Not just "Performance Dogs."

Versitile Dachshunds!

Wendy Snyder
541-520-3533 cell

Dachshund Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change-
Courage to change the things I can-
And the wisdom to know the difference...
Plus the Dachshund Determination to deal with it all !