GCH DC Stardust v Skaer has Faith in Serenity, CGC,RN

Faith has her OFA certification for patellas, heart and eyes. CHIC # available 

GCH DC Stardust V Skaer has Faith in Serenity

CH Franz Kafka von Skaer L

BISS CH Boondox Kafka

CH Boondox Astaire

BISS CH Boondox Panama Jack, ROMO

CH Boondox Quicksilver, ROMX

CH Walmar's Giggles V Boondox, ROMX

BISS CH Boondox Panama Jack, ROMO

CH Rose Farms Zesabel of Boondox, ROMO

Greenhill's Precious Moments, TD

DC Baron Von Skaer L, JE, CGC,VC,ROMX

DC Greenhill's Editors Choice, CD

CH Wilhelmina von Skaer, ROMX

Greenhill's Black Velvet

DC Greenhill's Cast in Black L, SE

Greenhill's Happ Times

GCH CH Stardust Daisy Mae Von Skaer

CH Stardust Hales Old Blk Magic CD RN JE RATN

DC Hale's Hudson SL, RN, JE VC

CH Boondox Kafka L.

DC Fraulein Greterl Von Skaer

FC Stardust One Way or Another, RA, JE, ROMX

CH Stardust Takin Care O Business

DC Stardust Guten Morgen V Skaer, CD, RE

CH Wispy Willow Von Skaer SL

MBISS DC. Solo's Premiere SL ROMO

CH. Pramada's Curmudgeon L

CH Seidach's White Diamonds SL ROMX

CH Karlina von Skaer SL

CH Franz Kafka von Skaer L

Guten Abend von Skaer L