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  Application for a SERENITY litter

Instructions: Please fill out completely and email
your inquiry to Wendy Snyder,

Contact Information:
Significant Other:
Number of Children & Ages:


About You:
Do you rent or own your home?

Do you have a securely fenced yard?

Who will be primarily responsible
for the dog’s care?

When will he/she be home with the dog?

Will the dog be primarily an indoors companion?

Do you currently have other pets? If so, what?

Have you owned a dogs in the past?
If so, what happened to them?

About Dachshunds:

Are you inquiring about a Dachshund for
companionship, show or performance competition
and/or breeding?

Are you interested in a male or female?
Are you interested in a black/tan or Red?

Do you have any experience in training
basic obedience/pet manners?

How have you decided upon Standard Dachshund?

What other breeds have you considered?

Are you prepared to adequately socialize
a Dachshund puppy? How would you do so?

Are you interested in becoming a member
of DCA, that National parent club of the breed?

Anything you would like to add?